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Illuminatus Shadow
11 July 2009 @ 03:51 pm
~~~Talvick and Sarukis' Pugging Rant!~~~
Healers: Don't offer to heal an instance for which you are terrifyingly unprepared. Utgarde Pinnacle is the last instance before raids - don't go in there with mostly greens! When you do fail at healing an instance, don't immediately blame the tank's defense rating. Especially if its capped.
Hunters: Pet aggro gets turned off as soon as you enter an instance. No, I don't care about your "aggro fine tuning". You don't purposely try to pull off the tank!
DPS: The minimum acceptable DPS for a heroic is 1.2-1.5k. Don't gather a group of buddies with 700-900 DPS each and expect to live very long. When you die, don't blame the tank. My job is to keep aggro off you, not make up for shitty damage.
Vent users: Don't come into my guild's channel and ask to cyber with the hot chick. I will slap you so hard your connection will drop.
Allies: If you steal my mining node, that's fine. You were faster, and got there before me. But don't do a victory dance in fornt of me and call me a "l o s e r" with your kiddie-spacing. You, a 68 gnome rogue, were flagged. I, an 80 undead death knight, SCHOOLED YOU. I especially enjoyed camping your corpse for nearly twenty minutes.
Tanks: Generally, casters will call out when they need mana. Since casters are your DPS/healing base I highly reccommend you wait for them. So when you pulled that boss before we were ready, after we had called out to wait? Yea, we left the instance. We had less than 10% mana each. You died, you bitched at us, you got kicked out of the group. :)

Noob of the Week!
Kidoz - You're a caster. Stop running up with the tank, especially when they are trying a line of sight pull. You attacked the wrong marked target and your demon kept them in the room with stun and aggro, even though I asked you to turn them off. We wiped twice because of this bullshit, then you started to yell at me for not saving your squishy ass. FYI, everyone in the group messaged me and agreed you are a turd, which you proved accurate again a few days later when you came to Heroic AN with under 800 DPS and said "Its fine, its only a heroic." You, sir, are a noob.
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Illuminatus Shadow
Sometimes I'll look back at where I was a year ago and wonder if anything has changed. Do I have a better job? better pay? Better living situation? Better outlook on the future? Usually the answer is the same... nothing has really changed for better or for worse, and I keep going. You obviously can't stop, right? I keep thinking, "Maybe things will be better this time next year."

Well, I can finally look back to his time a year ago and know I have done better. I lease a nice apartment in a nice area, have a good job with good friends, and can finally save some money. It feels good to know, no matter what situation you are in, if you just keep moving forward you can always look back and think "I'm further ahead now than I was before."

I mentioned this before, but I lost the Warcraft account back on 6/3. Blizzard's torrent tracker wasn't working on maintenance day, and you can't play without downloading the patch, so I downloaded the installer from what I thought was a reputable site. The next morning I found the account had been stolen and cleaned out. Blizzard closed the account and ignored my emails requesting assistance to have it reopened. I sent one last plea on the 13th and someone from account admin finally responded. Now I have a playable account, and am eternally grateful to the one individual who carefully read my points instead of rpelying with a canned response.

So now I can play on the new laptop! A nice little HP with 16" screen and dedicated nVidia 8200M graphics. I received it last week and must say it is one hot little machine. The price was very agreeable for a laptop of this quality.

Angels and Demons continues to roll, steady as ever. Some big things are coming, but I won't go into too much detail before Nova is ready. Also news in the sim world, I am doing a rather lengthly crossover with Kerro that hit epic levels early this morning. I don't think either of us fully realized how an event can adversely affect a character. Now that the scene is nearly complete, its obvious the events will have lasting repercussions on at least one main character. Every little scar helps to shape and refine the bare slate that is an average character, but how do they affect someone who has been established and already possesses a unique personality? I suppose, in Tempest's case, we'll have to wait and see.

My first attempt to remake the Antioch 3D model has been met with one failure after another. It was more difficult than originally thought, especially where the upper plates are concerned. Well, during the past week there was a rather nasty issue with a failed Windows XP reinstall, and the model was lost. I could recover it easily enough, but instead I have decided to start fresh. Rhinoceros 4 is installed on the laptop, and over the next few weeks I hope to reconstruct the object of my dreams.
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Illuminatus Shadow
A lot has happened in the past week, most of it revolving aorund the fact my Warcraft account was stolen. Instead of helping me recover the account, Blizzard decided to permanantly close it and wash their hands of the matter. I hope whoever stole the account, and Blizzard, rot in hell.

On the other hand I discovered EVE Online and, so far, find it to be immensely enjoyable. More on that that week.

One of my favorite manga, Priest, has been quiet for a long time now so I decided to hop over to Tokyopop's website and see what is going on with US distribution. I found a link referencing a Priest movie and, after a few clicks, got pretty excited. The cast looks good, the artwork looks amazing, and it hasn't suffered many of the setbacks as other manga-based movies. Then... then I read the summary:

"A warrior priest disobeys church law by teaming up with a young sheriff and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped his niece."

Young sheriff? Priestess? Renegade vampires? This smells worse than the legion of zombie corpses Ivan SHOULD be setting on fire. Should I be surprised that Hollywood has, once again, taken a potentially amazing film and turned it into a rotting pile of garbage to serve the masses? Look at "Hitman"! The movie was based on the Hitman series of games, but not a single soul would guess it by watching the film. On its own, the movie is a sub-par assassin flick with a misdirected cast. Really, it feels like the movie is only at a canvas stage and needed further refinement. It should either have been developed into a truly original assassin flick, or it should have included a ton of references to the game. In the movie, 47 has a barcode on the back of his head but no one knows why! Its not explained!

I should make this perfectly clear... Ivan doesn't disobey church law, he grinds it under his boot and spits on it. He doesn't work with anyone, nevertheless a sheriff and priestess, and will kill anyone who gets in his way - friend or foe. Ivan has no family; their faces are nothing more than fading echoes as a demon slowly devours his soul. Oh, and vampires? They would trmble at the sight of what he must overcome. Underworld can keep the vampires, I want the fallen angels of The Circle!

Really, what was done for Cowboy Bebop should be done for Priest: a movie true to the spirit of the story, catered to the series' fans, released at limited locations across the country. It makes me very sad to know the deep, complex tale of a priest, forgotten by his religion, swore an oath to exact revenge on the fallen angel who lead him down the path of misery and destruction. For taking his only love, Ivan will destroy Temozarela on the barren plains of the Old West, even if it isn't on a big screen. It is a dark, deep, significant story that Hollywood doesn't have the balls to tell.
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Illuminatus Shadow
31 May 2009 @ 12:24 am
Par for the course, a lot has happened since the last journal update. Nothing particularly bad, just a lot of stress. For one, the company I work for has gone through two sizeable layoffs in the past month. First group was mostly client services and a few developers, and the second group was all contractors. I'm hoping the hours I work and consistent quality of work will help save me from any future cuts. Times are tough, and suddenly finding oneself without a job is a very unpleasant prospect.

I went on vacation to the Keys at the end of April, mind filled with grand plans for kayaking, fishing, and shelling on the beaches. But, as is my luck, the weather was incredibly windy the entire time and I couldn't use my credit card at any of the local ATM's. So, I was stuck on land with frozen squid that had to be at least a year old and fish that refused to bite. I can't blame them - not even the garbage fish would eat squid that old.

But it wasn't all lost, and I was able to relax with a pleasantly cool house that smelled of ocean waves and sand. Mom and I had our hair trimmed and colored bautifully, and some time was grudingly spent with Rob. I am sure he has good points, but I have never visited them and thought, "Gee, that was nice." he insists on getting worked up over the smallest details, and that usually involves yelling at Mom. I spent most nights in the bedroom, trying to ignore his fit festivals. Alas, another vacation is coming at the end of June! I plan to stay home and relax, wasting away the days with bike riding, Warcraft, and tv. It'll be a damn good vacation.

Speaking of Warcraft, the Death Knight Talvick is now level 77 and is quickly becoming my favorite character. Questing and gold farming is insanely easy with him, leaving me time to get serious with Sarukis' badges and reputation grinding. She has a long way to go until I can say, "Yes, I'm satisfied with her" and fully devote time to another character.

Talvick is a Frost-specced tank that has tanked Northrend instances up to Drak'Tharon Keep. A lot of people have complimented my tanking style, but I think that experience comes more from playing Sarukis. Through her eyes I have seen throngs of downright terrible players claiming to be "the absolute shit", yet they can't keep mobs off of DPS or the healer. On rare occassions, a tank will power through trash mobs and bosses alike, all the while keeping mobs entirely focused on them. They give tips about boss fights before engaging them, and make sure the entire party knows their roles. These are the great tanks, and they are the ones Talvick draws knowledge from. To exceed at anything, you first must know how to fail. Only then will you know the difference.

Leveling two characters to 80 means plenty of PUGs (a group of random people seeking to run the same dungeon). Any Warcraft veteran knows PUGs suck, but there are the few and far in between that really shine. This post is not about them. This post is about my two characters bitching about the suck PUGs, because they make me cry.

~~~Talvick and Sarukis' Pugging Rant!~~~
DPS: Know your role. You do not pull mobs when the healer is AFK, you do not tell the tank "go go go" and you do not shriek "I WANT TO TANK" and then run into a boss fight. Next time I see any of this nonsensical crap going down, I will level an Alliance toon just to skullfuck you in PvP.
DPS Again: You are not a scout. Stay behind the tank or at least with the rest of the group. If you are hyper and like to leap around and test a mob's aggro radius, do it on your own. A single group wiped three times because of one clueless Druid who wouldn't stay the fuck out of aggro range.
Tanks: If you are having trouble keeping aggro off a party member, do not blame them for the problem without first examining the situation. Fact: You are a tank in mixed blues/greens. Fact: The warlock has over 8 epics and the rest is high blues. Fact: You cannot possibly keep aggro off of said warlock IN BLOOD PRESENCE.
Hunters: Pet aggro should NEVER be on in an instance, unless you are helping with runaway mobs. Do not pull mobs when the tank is busy, and do not Misdirect on the healer! Tards.

Instance: The Nexus, Heroic
<Sarukis> *creating soul shards from nearly every mob, gets kicked after the fourth pull*
<Paladin> I kicked you because you keep ninja looting the soul shards. Share them or I report you.
<Sarukis> ... I have nothing to say. I really don't. You are a moron.

Instance:Violet Hold
<Talvick> *whispers missing party member* We can't summon you to Dalaran, there is no stone for this instance.
<Priest> What! Bullshit! Where is it?
<Talvick> Dalaran
<Priest> How do I get there?
<Talvick> *notes priest is 80, doesn't know about Violet Hold or Dalaran, and claims they never played the WotLK expansion. Promptly boots from group*

Instance: Utgarde Pinnacle
<Death Knight> *enters instance to tank, runs right into two mobs before the rest of the party even arrives, gets killed, blames us, and leaves group*
<Sarukis> ...what the hell just happened?

That's it for now. Nova started playing Warcraft and she loves it. She has a nice mid-40's ally druid and started a horde alt. Hopefully we'll be able to get another computer soon and play together, woot.
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Illuminatus Shadow

Warning, dark post ahead. May want to skip.

I'm not really sure why I am posting. I'm not really sure why I am typing a blog post when I should be reviewing a massive list of tickets that grows like a well-fed tumor. My co-workers never even look at them. Sometimes I wonder what the hell they do all day.

Lately I have ridden the proverbial emotional roller coaster and found it quite unpleasant. The past few months have given many ups and downs, and I feel caught in the middle. Things that used to roll off my back now kindle intense anger, as if someone personally injured me. I'm not sure if any of this is seen on the outside. For the most part, I try to keep it hidden.

There is sadness, too. Overwhelming sadness for the people of this world and what they do. It is impossible to live without hearing of the latest atrocity. News media contributes to this, since they find it more appropriate to report on the latest suspected murder/celebrity faux pas/political scandal than anything with goodness. I know it is all around... but it is harder and harder to find, and now it feels like I am digging through the murk and sludge of society, trying to find *something* to help me realize, "Yes, these are good people."

Mostly, I try so hard because I am afraid what will happen if I allow myself to brood on dark thoughts for too long. I hate the world. I hate the people it contains. For every act of goodness, there are tenfold acts of evil, greed, and bigotry. I want to fix them. I want to restore a sense of honor and pride without egotism. I want equality. I want common sense.

There are very few people who truly know me. I doubt Nova, who knows of my despair, truly realizes how deep it runs. But there is another side! Don't think I am an emotional goth bent on displaying my dark desires for the world to gawk. This is not simple to explain, but I will try...

People carry out their lives. Murder, racism, greed, disregard, and the overwhelming standard of stupidity that permeates every one of their actions angers me and yet makes me weep at the same time. In turn, this fury and sadness fuels my desires to change the world. But, I do not wish to enforce changes with the same degree. I want to make people realize what they do is wrong, and help them make their own changes. I am not another version of Hitler. I don't want to kill anyone.

But is that what is necessary? People will rob a store at gunpoint with no care for the clerk's life. If given a chance, would these people rehabilitate themselves into productive members of a greater society? No... I think not.

Repeat offenders. What is to be done about them? They exist in every culture, and their general attitude seems to be "I do it because I can". Not that they need to, only because they can! How can I help them?

I consider all of these things and realize a very large mission lay ahead of me. But, I can't do anything about it right now. Antioch needs to be born, as a shining beacon and stronghold for the reformation of society. Until then, all I can do is smile and hide what lay within.

...jeezus, now that I got all of that off my chest I feel a lot better.

Birthday passed last week, and Nova gifted an awesome game called Spore. For the most part, you go through the evolutionary stages of a creature from single-celled animal to space-faring civilization. The game can be simple or complex, depending on your actions, and the level of control and replayability is stunning. Highly reccommended for gamers of any age, although god-fearing people might not enjoy the "evolution" aspect.

I am taking a few days off at the end of March to study for a Certified Ethical Hacker exam. Total, I'll have two weeks since I only work on weekends. I am taking a bus down to the Keys to see Mom during that time, for some much needed relaxation. To prepare, I purchased bus tickets and new fishing gear last night. Now I am getting really excited. I'll post images of shells I find on the beaches!

Last note: Fighting a 5-man instance boss with 3 Death Knights while playing the Hellsing soundtrack? Epic in ways I can't even describe.

...see what I mean about the sad/happy moods? lol

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Illuminatus Shadow
I'll explain the title later.

A lot has happened since the last post. Some things are good, some are great, and some are very sad.

Mom ran into a rough patch with Rob and she came to stay with us for a few days every week. Ashley started complaining to her the reason she is never around is because of our three cats - she is very allergic and couldn't breathe. So, we had to give up two of them. It hurt a lot and still does when I think about it, but Pumpkin and Miko went to another home. I'm glad they didn't have to go to a shelter, though. Scorpius is with us and I refuse to give him up for anything. He is more affectionate and talkative since the others left, so he's probably a bit happier being the only cat.

FYI, the cats are gone and Ashley is STILL NEVER AROUND. Weak argument, sister. I will never give up an animal again, because even though I held up my end of the deal I never see you or get to spend time with you. Which, by the way, was a MAJOR deciding factor in coming to split an apartment with you and Nova. Way to let me down.

On a lighter side, I have the bike back and although Sports Authority adjusted it okay they completely ignored my concern for the bottom bracket which is very loose and makes the gear drop the chain every few rotations. I am taking it to a professional bike shop next week and hope they actually manage to fix it. Biking time was cut, majorly, but I am still losing weight and now the scale reads 352.1. Woohoo!

I also started playing World of Warcraft quite heavily in the past few weeks. The game is so addictive and a relief from Horizons, which is quite stagnant with its diminishing player base and 90% of player interest being dumped into crafting. Yes, crafting is fun, but getting a full group together to wipe out a massively powerful boss is thrilling. Sometimes I felt like starving there, hungering for something I could only find in tiny crumbs under a rock. I am debating about returning at all... most of my good friends have moved on and those that haven't stick around for the sake of playing dragons or to take advantage of the detailed crafting system. Me... I crave a bit more...

My main character is Saphis, a level 45 Blood Elf Warlock with a fearsome arsenal of spells and summonable minions. The power of Damage Over Time curses and repeating Shadowbolts makes lesser players quiver at her passing. I am not kidding, she is scary powerfful. When a 45 can take on two 48's without breaking a sweat you need to get out of their way. I also have Tairuban, a Tauren Druid and Kohanrae, a Draenei Paladin. Saphis is still a favorite, running around battlegrounds and cursing everything in sight while her demon chases a poor hunter across the map.

Characters aside, this game is incredible. Vast areas with beautiful scenery and color, each with their own quests, resources, and enemies, make a very satisfying gaming environment. The other day I spent three hours fishing from a little bridge over a tiny creek, not because I wanted to increase fishing skill but because I simply wnated to "be". To relax and listen to the sound effects of running water as peaceful tree elementals walked behind me. Then an Alliance paladin tried to gank me so I had to show him what he looks like without skin. It was funny.

Sadly, I think this means I will close the book on Horizons: Empire of Istaria before the taste becomes bitter. I see the game as a finely aged wine, and although I may have only sampled it for a short while it was divine and splendid. Now I want to move on to a new drink before I become tired of it, this cherishing what was experianced.

Heh, about the title... casters like Mages and Warlocks are limited to cloth armor and as such can be killed very easily if you can interrupt their spells. Warlocks can be misleading to an inexperianced melee player, as they see an easy target and begin to charge. DoT DoT DoT shadowbolt shadowbolt fear shadowbolt deathcoil = dead melee player before they ever get one hit off of you. :)

Kerro is online a bit more so we have reawakened AM:TR and started the first episode as an AM/Hellsing crossover which is moving along incredibly well. I'll post the log once it is done.
Illuminatus Shadow
04 June 2008 @ 04:39 pm
Finally got a scale - I weigh in at 356.4 lbs as of this morning before breakfast and after a shower. I will weigh myself every morning and provide updates a few times a week. 

Also signed up for an virtual stock market trading game that uses actual quotes with the standard 15-minute delay. I plan to use this for a while to help learn the ins and outs of the Stock Market Beast before settling on a small company to invest a few shares. Hopefully I can make even a tiny return!
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Illuminatus Shadow
Ah, what a satisfying weekend!

First, I started and completed Valve's Portal with much enjoyment and even plan on playing it again. I know a puzzle game doesn't exactly have high replayability, but the computer AI has so many personality disorders and is so funny I want to relive each level. For those of you who have yet to play Portal I suggest you run out and get it as soon as possible.

I am still enjoying Horizons, now called Istaria, every time a few empty hours present themselves. Radier now has nearly 18 million hoard, several epic weapons, and 73 craft levels. She graduated from grinding obsidian bricks to platinum bars and that should take her straight to 80, when she will be able to use Expert craft skills!

Devs made a change to epic mobs, namely Daknor, Reklar, and Son of Gigaroth where they spawn every 20-30 minutes. This is supposed to alleviate accusations of campers and unfair farming of mobs, robbing other players form epic weapons. If you don't even try to hunt them then I don't think you deserve an epic weapons, but if you desire to hunt them and are constantly denied because one or two groups are camping the spawn points than that needs to be resolved. Am I happy devs did what they felt necessary? No... epic gear is meant to be rare and awe-inspiring with powerful effects and damage numbers that would shake the foundations of the nastiest dungeon. Every player is going to have this gear, which defeats the purpose and makes it no longer special. Did it solve an issue? Yes, in a way, but it created others and ignored the mother of all issues.

That problem I won't detail here, as it would take several posts just to explain how server dynamics work and what happens when two guilds clash over petty causes with agendas of self-promotion. nearly all of Chaos is embroiled in this issue, which may explain why Radier is such an outcast: she hates bad politics, as they taste sour compared to gnomes, and would rather avoid them and have fewer allies than become involved and have more enemies.

Bike finally has lights, which means I can ride at night without fear of running into potholes, sidewalk cracks, or being hit by cars. My goal is to weigh myself once a week however finding a local scale without having to buy one is rather difficult. There are two grocery stores within walking distance and they are both quite broken - I doubt I weigh 280 or 135 as they suggest. My thighs and back continue to strengthen and its starting to affect everyday activities. For example, stepping up the rather steep stairs on a bus was somewhat awkward a few weeks ago and now I bound right up without pause or difficulty. My footing is increasingly sure and flexibility along the spine has increased tenfold. I am loving these little changes as they appear one by one!

There is a small canal that runs through the backyard, as I have mentioned before. I have fished it a few times and mostly come up with small fry interrupted by the occassional one or two pound fish. Smaller fish are typically juvenile bluegill while bigger fish are a hybrid species of bass-like warmouth and a type of bream. Their colors are bright red and orange with a blue-ringed black spot on the tail and dark stripes down the body. Sometime I'll take a photo. There are larger denziens of the canal, as discovered this past Saturday - a florida gar, about three feet long and spotted, and a much larger fish of unknown kind. The head is like a sturgeon however the body looks like a snook, complete with arching back and prominent black lateral line. It must be about four feet long and very deep in the body. My guess is 12 pounds, maybe more. I intend to catch both these fish, once stronger gear is obtained along with live bait such as shiners or shrimp. Right now my Ugly Stik equipped with 10 lb test and bismuth hooks probably won't cut it.

Oh, did I mention the warmouth hybrids have EVIL TEETH?! Most freshwater fish of this kind don't have actual teeth, instead possessing sandpaper-like lips and mouth parts suitable for grinding algae and aquatic plants. These fish have needle-like teeth designed for gripping and ripping scales!

My shift may change to overnight only with 4 days on and 3 days off. *crosses fingers!*
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Illuminatus Shadow

Turns out Ashley is allergic to the cats... bigtime. The apartment needs a HEPA filter and vacuum cleaner with bagless HEPA capabilities. This is going to get expensive.

Nova and I have talked at length regarding our various characters, be they original creations or modified copies. I believe our skill is coming to a point where we enjoy original works instead of a vastly popular and well-known character that is kept around for necessity: Alex must exist yet I prefer Dimitri (even though he needs a LOT of work that I think The Return is not suited for) just as Wolfwood must exist although I think Nameless is far more interesting. Some series are akin to fertile grounds while others are barren wastelands: some characters will evolve and explode into their own niche while others will suffer and die thanks to the continuum they are placed. I think Angels and Demons is so successful, in part, because it is a blank canvas where nearly anything and anyone can exist. Aliens, half-cyborgs, giant insects, and deep insight to humanity's flaws? Sure, check aisle 7.

The Return is lackluster, even though the two series should have the same flexibility as they are managed by the same people. However, this is not true. Is it because we care differently for different characters? I would be extremely opposed to having Nameless killed, however Claire can leap off a cliff... a cliff overseeing a ravine full of sharp objects... sharp objects doused with seawater and allowed to rust... rust tainted with deadly microbes! You get the point.

...I bet none of you even remember Claire. *snigger*

Of course the same doesn't apply for MMORPG characters, even though they can be as unique as they have backstories and personalities, friends and families, joy and strife like any original character. Radier is cherished but she dies almost every day. Long ago she died 21 times in a single day. Then again, a simple click and she's alive and in a safe town, probably bleeding all over a gnome.

Anyway, finished moving over all the stuff from the old apartment and several boxes are missing along with a vacuum cleaner and bags of clothes. One box held a rather detailed model of the Bismarck, a famous German WWII battleship. All the parts and paints wer ein the same box and its gone... grr. At least 25 hours of work down the toilet.

Maybe its for the best. Several games have/are being released that *need* to be played. STALKER remains unfinished, and lately I crave to listen to the game's somber opening music. It is sad and eeric and mournful while drawing you in as Chernobyl, a monolithic silhouette, beckons from afar. This game is like a bad habit - impossible to stop until it kills you. Personally, I have died no less than four times.

What really excites me is Penny Arcade's first videogame release - Upon the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness. Gabe and Tycho are featured battling occultish offerings with what appears to be cell-shaded graphics reminiscent of the comic. It will be released tomorrow - come Friday I will download and play this most declicious offering, and the masses will rejoice. By masses I mean the pleasure centers of my brain.

Didn't ride today - too hot.

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Illuminatus Shadow
I am beside myself with emotions I can scarcely put into words. Suffice to say, they are not happy ones. I can't even type what has riled me as it'll only add fuel to the fire. I'll probably explode.

Good things! I have ridden every weekday since purchasing the bike Wednesday at it is already paying off. Several thigh muscles are becoming stronger and filling out a little - most notably the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, and vastus medialis (three big muscles on top and sides. My stride is longer and range of movement is better. Endurance and speed are rapidly increasing, and I've only ridden a total of  3 miles!

The bike need a tune-up already. Brakes and handlebar are a little loose and the saddle needs to be adjusted. Later this week I'll drop it off on the way to work and pick it up during lunch. I haven't recorded weight or measurements yet, as we have no scale and I want to get a reliable one for home use. This Friday I'll run to Bed Bath & Beyond and find a good digital scale.

I looked over past journal posts and have noticed a definitive trend emerge concerning vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall attitude as time passes. Those of you who know me have seen behavioral changes, no doubt, so my question is this... when did I become such a mother-loving treehugging peace hippie? For god sakes I used to yearn for destruction of anyone whose IQ fell below 140! Now I look at the same people and think, "Meh, its not their fault they are such idiots. I'm sure deep down they are good people!" Good, yes, but STUPID. I loathe morons and every crotch-dropping wyrm they produce.

At least... I used to. What the hell happened? When did I begin tolerating everday idiots? When did I start thinking of them as equals instead of failed subjects of reproduction, having to suffer the fate of being born to their mother and sister at the same time? I even think of myself differently! Project Antioch, ambitious but not impossible, was placed on a back burner for Project ReGEHC! Will that illustrious airbase ever fly? Probably not, and for some reason I am actually okay with that. I am no longer the evil genius worshipping the reorganization of culture and politics into one utopian society!

No... I yearn for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to end. I want our troops to come home and rejoice with loved ones that they won't die on foreign soil for a president they don't believe in. I wish people would open their eyes and realize all of this is wrong. The two biggest presidential hopefuls to come out of the democratic party in years are tossing insults back and forth in an effort to slander one another! They don't have actual platforms! Their arguments are "OMFG SHE'S SATAN" and "OMGWTF HE'S A BLACK MUSLIM!" Who cares!? Address the issues at hand. Reform the government.

Jeezus maybe I should move to.. uh... *spins a globe and randomly points* Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnopparatrajathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkattiyavisanukamprasit? Okay, who is the smartass writing on my invisible globe?!

Of course, all of this peace-loving fluff doesn't mean I have backed down from my beliefs. Screw with me and you have a fight coming. XD

Side-note: Kevin, you are not allowed to comment on this post. NEIN!
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